Welcome to embarking on your first step to a wonderful life ahead.

My duty as your Wedding Celebrant is to work closely with you and create a unique ceremony, one that expresses the love and devotion you have for one another.
I offer a one hour in-person complimentary consultation.
We will sit down and I hear your story. During this time we will determine the focus of your wedding, how you met/your courtship and the benchmarks that are of importance to celebrate during your ceremony. In turn, I will help you create a beautifully unique wedding ceremony that will set the stage for your your life together as a married couple.

Your wedding is a ceremony of transformation.
You arrive as a couple in love, and through the union of marriage, depart as a married couple.
My role as your celebrant is to help guide you through the marriage process to create an individual personalized ceremony that is a true reflection of you, incorporation special moments during your courtship, resulting in a unique celebration of your love and personality.

During this process we will discuss the framework of your ceremony and the inclusion of readings, rituals and customs that are of importance.

I stand ready with a wealth of experience, resources and unique ideas to help orchestrate a truly memorable ceremony. One that defines who you are as individuals and as a couple - a personal story that honors you, your family and friends.
I will then perform your very own personalized ceremony.
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